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A-Rod Sets the Record Straight With His BFFs at Pinkberry

posted Jan 27, 2009, 6:19 AM by Steven Seagal   [ updated Feb 15, 2009, 11:46 AM ]
Alex Rodriguez gathered all 3 of his best friends 4 ever, Scott Boras, Madonna and his life coach/ therapist Dr. Maury Lipstein, together on Monday to dispel any rumors that he in fact upset with the release of Joe Torre's Book "The Yankee Years".  The get-together was held as a local Pinkberry which A-Rod rented out for the occasion. According to a source close to the situation (probably the gossipy Scott Boras), A-Rod "didn't just want green tea frozen yogurt with pink jimmies but also an assortment of hors d'oeuvres and of course, mimosas, appletinis and flirtinis".
At the event A-Rod told his best friends, in between bites of what he described as a "cute little brie cheese", that he is "so over DJ". A-Rod went on saying "DJ can have ten thousand of Joseph Torre's babies for all I care! I'm so much cuter and I have better hair!". As for the "A-Fraud" nickname? Alex said that everyone was "just jealous of him". All of his friends quickly agreed while immediately  looking away uncomfortably after realizing what they had said was a bold faced lie.
In the book Joe Torre claims that A-Rod, raised by a single mother, has always sought a father figure in his life, and Torre "would not be the one to fill that role for the sensitive player-poet". When Dr. Maury Lipstein mentioned this to the group, they all laughed and laughed. After the laughter subsided, the same big mouthed gossip hound source (again Boras) said that A-Rod took a long sip of his appletini before collapsing into "crocodile tears" and shouted "Papa!, Papa! Love me! Why Don't you love me!"