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You Know What's A Awesome Invention? The Wristwatch.

posted Mar 17, 2009, 11:45 AM by Steven Seagal
The guy who came up with the wristwatch is pretty smart, man.  You know?  I'm not talking about that digital bullshit.  That's for computers.  I'm talking about human wristwatches.  Check it out - it's like, got numbers on the outside and two hands, so the numbers refer to different things depending on which hand is pointing to them.  That's pretty smart. 
Wow, man.  Check that thing out!  Awesome...
See look, the two hands mean different things... see, this watch is... Holy shit!  It's pointing to 9:11.  That's fucked up, and I don't have to tell you why - because Porsche 911s are my favorite cars.  Trippy shit, man.  Anyway, how awesome is that thing?  It's like, pretty old looking, too.  So even though everyone thinks people from olden times, like 50 years ago, were stupid and stuff - they obviously weren't, because they were coming up with shit like this, even while they were putting leeches on people to try to cure AIDS.  You can't cure AIDS with leeches, man!  You need spermicide for that.  At least they knew what time it was - ass kicking time.  All the time.  Olden times were awesome.