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Black Guy Wins NBA Slam Dunk Competition for the 24th Year in a Row

posted Feb 15, 2009, 5:35 AM by Steven Seagal   [ updated Feb 18, 2009, 11:01 AM ]
Last night, the National Basketball Association hosted a "Slam Dunk Competition" In which players jump up into the air with a basketball in their hands and forcibly insert the basketball into the hoop elevated 10 feet in the air with a Plexiglas board perpendicular to the hoop. Apparently this event has been taking place for the past 24 years and each year a black guy wins the slam dunking challenge in a National Basketball Association sanctioned arena filled to capacity with a predominantly Caucasian audience. This year's black guy is a member of  the supposed New York Knickerbocker Basketball club.  The black guy jumped up into the air, lifting his body against gravity over another black guy, and placed the ball into the hoop with one hand. After the dunk took place, the black guy then lightly jogged over to a waiting video camera and performed what appeared to be a predetermined dance routine which ended with a gratuitous grabbing of the crotch. In 2006, the same black guy punched another black guy in the face in a brawl which spilled into the mostly white audience. He has no criminal record as of the date of this published article. No white guys attempted to compete in the slam dunking contest because they lack the creativity and the mandatory rhythm for performing a post dunk dance routine.

(Editor's note: As a result of Dr. Foxyrotten's incessant bickering on all things insignificant, I must mention that Brent Barry, Barry Brent or whatever the fuck his name is did win the dunk contest as a full fledged white member of the Ku Klux Klan. Dr. Foxyrotten would certainly know this since he met Brent Barry at the Klan's circle jerk night a few years ago. And because he follows the NBA.  I'm sorry that I don't really give a flying racist fuck about the NBA, but I look forward to mocking it and Dr. Foxyrotten in the future.)