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Tim Tebow wins Maxwell, Grammy, Tony and GLAAD awards, among others.

posted Dec 13, 2008, 6:06 AM by Steven Seagal   [ updated Feb 15, 2009, 12:35 PM ]
Well it seems as if the Tim Tebow love fest will never end. After winning his second consecutive Maxwell award, given to the college football's best all-around player, many other award committees followed suit in praising Tebow with their own celebratory hardware.
The first group, the American Theater wing decided that Tebow's excellence on the football field was deserving of the Tony award for Best Scenic Design of a Play. American Theater Wing committee member, Donald Saddler, stated that "The decision to award Tebow was based solely on the option play in the 1st quarter of the Florida-LSU game that led to a 70 yard Percy Harvin touchdown pass. It was an act of unapologetic beauty." Tebow also received the Best Original Score award for the 56-6 drubbing of Steve Spurrier's South Carolina Gamecocks from November 15th. Saddler went on to say "56-6, The score is simple in it's numerical makeup, but viscerally, it forces a theater maven to become mesmerized with awestruck wonder."
After receiving the Tony awards, Tebow was on his way to California to pick up his Grammys for Best Disco Recording, an award that had been phased out in 1980, and Best Zydeco or Cajun music album. The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences President, Neil Portnow, explained "We had abandoned the Best Disco Award before Tim's birth, however, no single person best exemplifies dominance in that field, when he is on the field. Also, the Best Zydeco or Cajun music album award was a no brainer. He simply had to win unanimously. It just wouldn't be right."
Just yesterday Tim Tebow was notified by the GLAAD awards committee that he would receive the Stephen F. Kolzak award. This award is traditionally given to an openly gay member of the entertainment or media community for his or her work toward eliminating homophobia. After Tebow was recognized for this work, he made the following statement, "This has been a terrific year for me. I would just like to thank our Lord Savior Jesus Christ of Bethlehem, Israel for dying for our sins and for eternally being a beacon of light for humanity. I'd also like to thank the GLAAD committee for giving me the Stephen F. Kolzak award even though you are all going to burn in the fiery pits of hell. God Bless."
After tonight's Heisman award presentation, which Tebow will win again, Tebow is scheduled to accept Bryce Hentges award for Best Business ever, The Gold Award from the Girl Scouts of America and finally the key to the city of Krakow in Poland.