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Pete Carroll Not Handling Sanchez Departure Too Well

posted Jan 16, 2009, 8:17 AM by Steven Seagal   [ updated Feb 15, 2009, 11:56 AM ]
Coaches of elite college football programs are equally proud and sad to see their quarterbacks leave the nest for greener pastures in the NFL. Some quarterbacks leave too early while other stick around too late only to damage their draft stock. USC coach Pete Carroll sees the departure of quarterback Mark Sanchez on a completely different level than most coaches and quarterbacks are willing to comfortably discuss.
During yesterday's press conference, Sanchez was all smiles as he announced his decision to enter the NFL draft, one in which he will most likely be a first round pick by teams desperate for a quarterback. Pete Carroll on the other hand could be best described as despondent. Carroll sat beside a standing Sanchez with his hands covering his watery eyes. His lips quivered as Sanchez said the words "leaving USC", but matters only became worse as Sanchez continued. When Sanchez told the media "USC was a great chapter in my life that I will cherish forever, but I must move on to the next chapter of my life", Carroll put his head down on the table and slammed his right fist down only to scream what media members believe was "Why Mark? Why? Please Don't Leave Me!". Following this outburst, Carroll screamed something else but there is much speculation on what he appears to have said. LA Daily News sports correspondent Scott Wolf believes Carroll screamed "I love you, I fucking love you", but wasn't willing to bet on it. Wolf continued "He does this every time one of his handsome quarterbacks leave him, but he's got an assembly line of strapping young lads in waiting. Pete will be fine."
Since Carroll couldn't be reached for comment immediately following the press conference, we caught up with him at his Pasadena home. Carroll's wife led us to Pete's bedroom where we found him sitting in a bean bag chair clutching a no. 6 USC jersey in his arms, sobbing uncontrollably listening to "Everybody hurts" by REM, reminiscent of the 90210 episode where Dylan breaks up with Brenda. After witnessing this equally depressing and disturbing sight, we decided to just leave him alone to sort through this on his own.