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My Name Is Sawyer Broxton And This is Why Charlie Weis Seriously Has To Go.

posted Dec 13, 2008, 2:59 PM by Steven Seagal   [ updated Feb 15, 2009, 12:34 PM ]

Brah, seriously, Charlie Weis needs to go. How could he let the Fightin Irish lose games like that? To Navy last year? To Boston College? Seriously, that's just not right. It's like this one time I was at the Lacoste store and this guy that worked there was like hey we don't have this polo shirt in a size 4 but we have it in a 5 and I was like brah, I asked for it in a 4 because I want it tight around my biceps. Brah, I seriously had to talk to his manager and shit about that. I wanted my biceps to look good and all. It's the same exact thing with Charlie Weis, Notre Dame is the best football program in all of college and probly better than all professional teams out there. At my prep school in  Fairfield, Conneticut, every guy there was like the hugest Notre Dame fan because they were awesome and shit. It's the same thing everywhere, like at my dad's hedgefund if a guy doesn't make money and shit, my dad is like hey dude you're dragging us down and we can't have that kind of deadwood here. That's what Notre Dame should do, they should tell Charlie Weis, hey brah, you're like deadwood and we can't have that here because we're Notre Dame and we rule. Brah, If Charlie Weis worked for my dad, he would definitely be fired and have to send his kids to public schools with minorities who don't own a vacation house or their own set of awesome K2 skis. Notre Dam made the wrong decision in hiring him. They should have hired Bill Belichick. Seriously, Bill Belichick would pay his own money to coach Notre Dame to a National Championship because Notre Dame is bigger than the NFL. It's like the biggest job in America, probly bigger than the president and shit.  I"ve watched every Notre Dame game, brah. Me and my Delta Sigma Phi brothers always meet at this awesome dive bar in the west village and get 26 dollar pitchers, I know brah, that's mad cheap, and then we play quarters while watching the game. Brah, seriously we gotta drink more because Charlie Weis is so bad of a coach. Not like it's hard to drink so much because me and my frat brothers used to puke and rally all the time.  This one time we drank for three days straight just playin beer pong and quarters the whole time! My buddy Schuyler got so wasted he pissed his all over his Ralph Lauren boat shoes. That's why Charlie Weis has to go. Seriously brah.