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BCS National Championship: Oklahoma Versus Florida

posted Jan 8, 2009, 8:49 AM by Steven Seagal   [ updated Feb 15, 2009, 12:11 PM ]

I wish I could say I know who is going to win this game. I like both teams too much to pick a favorite. I just hope this is going to be better than the last two year' National Championship games (They Sucked). The above picture could go either way. The disease infested settler could end up throwing the Indian off the cliff. Or the illiterate savage could throw the missionary off the cliff. If your favorite team is any conference or a faggy independent (yeah, you Notre Dame), you probably want them both to die. Since I couldn't pick a team, I decided to write two previews for this game with the intention of favoring one team over the other. I didn't plan on this until I found two pictures with underlying meanings for each team's favored outcome. I wish every game was like this though. It feels like the Superbowl with all the hype placed on the game. Both defenses are trashing each others' conferences in the media. There is a historical aspect to this game too, and who doesn't love history? One quarterback has American Indian blood in him so you know his ancestors had some fucking religion pushed on them. The other quarterback is a Jesus freak whose ancestors and he himself push their fucking religion on other people. Bradford and Tebow should make a gentlemans' bet and agree that if Florida wins, Bradford has to be baptized with holy water or you know, baptized with bullets. If Oklahoma wins, Tim Tebow gets scalped and burned at the stake. That won't happen though because people are stupid and don't want to bet their lives on meaningless games anymore. Fucking people, man. What a bunch of jerkoffs.