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Barry Obama is a Quitter

posted Jan 9, 2009, 10:54 AM by Steven Seagal   [ updated Feb 15, 2009, 12:09 PM ]
After the initial Barry Obama interview on 60 minutes where there was brief mention of "throwing some weight around" about a playoff system in college football, I immediately insulted the guy for not focusing on, you know, more pressing matters. That was immature of me because that was a mere 15 seconds of the supposedly 60 minute interview (Fucking commercials). Instead Barry and his wife had to talk about what kind of dog they were getting or some shit. I don't know. I didn't watch it either.
Now after Utah STOMPS Alabama going 13-0, USC dismantles Penn State, and Texas fans scream shenanigans (even though they would have lost to Florida too), Obama backpedals and says "you know, I've got to pick and choose my battles. I probably am going to be spending more time focusing on creating three million more jobs." LAME.  What kind of president did we elect? Next, creating three million jobs will be too difficult so he'll backpedal on that. Maybe Barry can tackle something a little easier, maybe something of substance like putting more Wendy's around my apartment. Maybe Barry can delegate the responsibility to ESPN in fixing college football, after all, he is "busy" doing other things like "creating three million jobs" or some shit.
I bet ESPN could create three million jobs, create a fair playoff system and build a Wendy's INSIDE my building. Sure ESPN loves jumping on bandwagons in college football (BIg 10 to SEC to BIg 12 and now SEC again), NFL (Brett Favre, Brett Favre, Brett Favre) and MLB (Yankees, Red Sox, Yankees Red Sox), but maybe they can actually do something of substance unlike some people, BARRY. I suppose it's now a good thing that ESPN outbid planet Earth for all the bowl games until the year 2490. I never thought I'd say that but with ESPN it's possible to fix this shit. Sure ESPN would give every college football fan something new to bitch about eventually, but I'm talking baby steps. I don't know how they'll do it because I'm not smart but I have faith in that evil soul sucking corporation. Fuck it, I'm getting ahead of myself. We still need ESPN to acknowledge the existence of the NHL.